7 of Diet Secret

7 of Diet Secret

Have you ever felt has been struggling to make weight loss diet but not go down? You're not alone because many other people also experienced the same thing. This is due to an error that is often unnoticed in the diet. As a result, the weight it is in a position to stagnate and not infrequently it will be easier to gain weight. Here are the errors in the diet is often done:
1. Reducing the number of meals, not eating
This is often done by dieters, by passing one of the meals like breakfast or dinner. Though breakfast is important as a primary energy to do activities throughout the day and avoid excessive consumption of sugar or fat when hungry. Moreover, eating regularly (3 times a day) will increase your metabolism which helps reduce weight due to fat and calorie burning process much easier. It is inversely proportional to the time the body in a state of hunger, in which metabolism will naturally go down.
2. Diets that restrict food groups to consume a certain
The diet recommends eating no carbs or fat at all, and only eat fruit and vegetables alone is not good for health, because the body needs vitamins and minerals would not be provided, especially for adolescents. The body still requires the intake of calories and nutrients that are balanced to maintain health. Look for foods that are low in fat than not eat fat at all.
3. Calorie intake is too low
For women, the body needs about 2000 calories per day, while men need about 2500 calories. If calories in is limited to about 1000 calories or even less, it will cause a low metabolism and anemic.
4. No sport
Though exercise can increases your metabolism which helps the process of burning fat and calories, weight will come down faster.
5. Salad and Vegetable Consumption Reduce Carbohydrate
Eating a salad is good, but it should be remembered that the mayonnaise that accompanies the salad also contains a fairly high fat.
6. Do not drink milk
Consuming milk every day is still needed, especially low-fat high calcium milk because it can strengthen bones and body nutritional supplement.
Diet Secret
Diet Secret
7. Drastic weight loss
Decreased body weight should be no more than 1-2 pounds a week because it may cause other health complications, such as the liver and kidneys, which were forced to work harder to replace reserves of glucose in the blood. It also can interfere with your health.

Reference from kompas health

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